Working with young people to make the world they would like to see. Our Mission is to connect young people with nature by encouraging environmentally-responsible youth, biodiversity conservation and sustainable growth in Rwanda through empowerment and involvement of educated, responsible and participating citizens.

This means that simply because they do not charge doesn’t automatically mean it is going to become a more grassroots, legitimate program to dedicate your time to. Whether you ultimately end up going for a complimentary or a part-time job, research your options thoroughly and browse reviews (such as those on Go Overseas) whenever possible.

Boost global poverty by teaching English in Ethiopia or Morocco , help to protect threatened creatures on a conservation program in South Africa or Kenya , be a friend to children in Madagascar , Togo or Senegal , construct schools in Ghana and Tanzania , and more.

Amongst the several options you can choose from teaching English to school children in Ethiopia or africa volunteer programs australia , linking a Care job in Ghana or Senegal , focusing on a human rights project in South Africa or Togo , helping to protect endangered animals to a conservation project in Madagascar or Kenya or immerse yourself in the local culture in Tanzania.


Whether you’re wanting to obtain your PADI Divemaster , join one of our internship programmes , gain some work experience or just simply wish to give back, our Seychelles hub offers many different options to assist you make a genuine difference.


As the second most populous continent in the world, with over half the continent below the age of 25, your own time and skills would be greatly valued over a selection of different targets including childcare, health care, instruction, wildlife conservation and much more.

Africa’s volunteer opportunities lets you get involved in conservation efforts to protect the renowned Big Five (African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros); our hub here is host to a number of the most remarkable wildlife, landscapes and conservation chances South Africa has to offer you.